Friday, February 11, 2011

Frying Pan Post -Sarah, February 11, 2011

Space is everything
Yes. I'm homesick for our studio days. We're dealing now with this black theatre, scratchy walls, and a tangible expectation from the rows of seats facing us. We've spent the week "taming" the space, making it our own or part of us, accepting it for what it is. We've been trying to analyse what creates theatrical illusion and what doesn't, and realizing that there's nothing we want to "pretend". The heart and necessity of the work is sharing what we're experiencing from moment to moment. So we can't ignore the space, and why should we, it's juicy material to move and sound and talk from. And yes, we've stripped away everything else, it's just us and the space, and next week...THEM. How exciting and terrifying.