Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frying Pan Post - Susanna, January 20, 2011

And this question of dancing. Are we dancing?
I find I worry about this less both when we are dropped into each other and also when we are staying connected to our physicality - however that may be, and whatever we may be doing. Perhaps it's not surprising that these two givens are usually linked and take care of each other. The body, the self, the physical self (be that moving flesh or sound) needs that softness you describe, Sarah. A suppleness.
Nonetheless, like we discussed in the studio today, I want to keep open to all the possibilities for movement and not put a cap on our modes of physicality. What you pointed out today is key, though. Not every possible quality of movement is going to be appropriate for every improvisation we enter into. And it's certainly possible that there's an overall tone or world to this thing that is our meeting (the score) that inherently excludes some things. Like it's unlikely I'll find myself doing a dévélopé, but you never know. All kidding aside, though...
In deciphering the physical manifestation of any moment, there is again that need for suppleness and continual dropping in. An image or movement impulse presents itself and you can't just stay with the surface of it, the idea of it, it's first glimmer; you need to keep following the tiniest details of it's actual physicality... every moment.
No wonder we're exhausted!
Maybe there will always be a small sense of longing for what didn't happen... and maybe that's ok.


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