Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frying Pan Conversations

Hello dear readers,

After too long a hiatus, I am re-animating this blog to provide a window into the creative process for "The Frying Pan's Too Wide".

At the heart of a shared-evening of performance by the same name (which will run at Tangente in Montreal from Feb 18 - 27, Montreal choreographer Sarah Bild and I are engaged in the ongoing creation and recreation of an improvised duet called "The Frying Pan's Too Wide". We began this process about two years ago, simply meeting to follow our desire to develop a practice of improvising together inspired by our shared studies in Ruth Zaporah's Action Theatre.

This practice has developed into a very loosely scored improvised performance, with several performance incarnations along the way. Over the past five months our work has evolved into a swaying dance of continually straying from and returning with fresh eyes to the Action Theatre work, becoming a practice and view-point all onto itself.

The simplest core of the work that's been developing seems to be the history of our meeting in a studio consistently over time to play, wrestle, converse, laugh, question, and work. Our questioning conversation is physical, but inevitably it leads us back to language, and this is what we'd like to share over the next month on this blog as we head into the final stretch.

By noting some of the things that arise, confound, and delight us in the studio, we will continue our conversation on-line. Please feel free to listen in and join the conversation if you so desire.

We're hoping that our on-line conversation will provide some entry points to those of you who can eventually join us in the theatre.



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