Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frying Pan Post - Sarah, January 20, 2011

I'm thinking about this notion of dropping...dropping in, dropping the voice, dropping my shoulders, there is this downward pull into giving in, loosening up, opening up. I'm remembering one of our first discoveries about allowing things to happen and not tightening up in the face of the unknown next step. We described it as a softening, remember? I felt that unless I relaxed in some way, through breathing or just dropping my muscular intention, I couldn't receive anything that would lead to the next impulse. In these last 3 days, we've been revelling in a very "dropped" place, for me a softened place of becoming a kind of sponge that can hold all my creative resources and energy while still able to absorb and soak up Susanna's to better play with her, merge and unmerge, join or contrast, but always stay in relation. It's a delicate place but one of such strength. It is a delicious challenge to stay in the unknown and breathe through it, trusting that something will emerge. In fact, it just takes noticing it, and we realize that the next place to be has already emerged, we just need be in it to follow it. We've been finding that it is in the simplest and quietest places that we find the roots of our next impulse...and the longer we stay with the stillness and quietude, the more fruitful and lush the next place will be to visit.

We improvised for an hour straight today and just about burned ourselves out. It's a special kind of exhaustion, one of mind more than body. An exhaustion of the imagination.


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