Saturday, December 30, 2006

long time away... time to come home

Home? Well, I don't know if it this home, but lying on my couch having succumbed to the last in a series of "deadly" onslaughts (exhaustion, depression, a yucky lung infection cold/flu-type thing), I'm feeling like it's time to take up the blog torch and run with it again.... or walking gently might be a more accurate description.

Perhaps it's a bit of the "new year's" thing coming over me. And on that note and the one above, I think this is probably a year of learning to walk a little more gently as opposed to running full steam ahead, possibly trampling some flowers and many good intentions along the way.

How to be humane? How to be human... both in my own little garden and out in the bigger one that seems to be simultaneously wilting and blooming. This is a terrifyingly potent time to be alive, and personally I'm finding I need to give the quiteness and stillness a chance so as to meet the world with an open heart. and the more I think about this world and all the amazing lives on it, the more I think an open heart has got to be at the core of what I give.

So, in the spirit of walking gently, I'm going to cut this short. perhaps that way I'll actually give myself a chance to do this more frequently.

Here's some stuff I've been looking at and would recomend. It's not all happy-fuzzy-warm-and cuddly, but in some cases it gives me hope, and in all cases makes me think, from somewhere a bit deeper than just my poor ol' brain which can sometimes get lonely away up there in my head.

book: "When things fall apart" by Pema Chodron
images site :
movie: "Children of Men"
artist: Neo Rauch
movie: "Songs from the Second Floor"
book: "The Empty Space" by Peter Brook
plays: "Sara Kane, Complete Plays"
books: "Weight" and "Lighthouse Keeping" by Jeanette Winterson
book: "Wisdom of the Body Moving, An introduction to Body-Mind Centering" by Linda Hartley
environment site:,,1267004,00.html

In this coming new year, I wish you all peace, joy, and love all in the largest and quietest sense.